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"Thank you so much Andrea for your Newborn Prep Class. All of your information, tips, and worksheets really gave me the confidence I was needing before bringing home my baby!"
—Felicia, Los Angeles

"Andrea helped my family adjust to having twins in the house. Her tips and experience proved to be priceless. I wish I could have had her guidance 24/7. She worked with our budget and was able to provide us with life saving advice!"
—Jen, Carlsbad, CA
Jen's Twin Babies

Susan and Her Baby Son "I loved the massage class and so did my little Jacob. We now add it to our routine at night. Andrea's recommendations for baby skin care products are amazing! I started using some for myself."
—Susan, Los Angeles

"My husband and I called Andrea, whom we had met through my sister. Andrea was a teacher in her son's class. Andrea came to my home when my daughter was six months. We were just beginning solid foods and had no idea where to start. Andrea gave us recipes and advice on how to introduce foods to our daughter's routine. When my daughter turned eight months we needed assistance with night wakings as my daughter would wake up at 4:00 a.m. and want a bottle. As much as I loved the bonding experience, I was working full time and needed the extra rest. Andrea gave me advice on dropping that 4:00 a.m. bottle feeding and helping Emma get back to sleep on her own."
—Andrew & Nancy, Long Beach, CA
Andrew, Nancy, and Their Baby Daughter

"Andrea has proven to be a remarkable and reliable individual. Andrea quickly gained our trust by demonstrating her experience in taking care of children, as well as providing excellent communication as to how our son was doing."
—Katheryn, Encinitas, CA

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