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About Andrea

My name is Andrea Ann Leon. I'm so glad you were able to find me. I am here to assist you with everything baby-related, from newborn planning to sleep consulting. Little Koalas was developed by me, a parent just like you, and I've experienced many of the joys and frustrations of being a new parent. I love what I do and would like nothing better than to make your life easier.

How I Started

I started when I first had my son, who had horrible colic as an infant. After many sleepless nights, I knew there had to be a better way as I was too exhausted to think, let alone enjoy my new baby.  I studied different sleep training methods and found some ways that worked while others didn't. While my son eventually started sleeping though the night, I had wondered if what I had learned would work on other babies. I started as a baby nurse working with infants in the Los Angeles area doing sleep training and teaching parents newborn care skills. While every baby is unique they still have some things in common. As much as I enjoy working one on one with families, I often make my schedule extremely full and there are still so many parents requesting my assistance. This is why I decided to help parents of all situations by creating Little Koalas.

Little Koalas provides sleep training, newborn consultations, and newborn checklists. We all know how much koalas love to sleep so let’s get our babies to love sleep too! I understand the difficulties that come with being a new parent and I understand that parents need help from time to time. I've been there myself. My goal is to help parents like you gain confidence so you can enjoy your little one.

I Understand the Problems of New Parents

I understand that parents need help from time to time. Having the experience I did, I figured I could handle all that parenting could throw at me. I was very wrong! My son had various sleeping and eating issues. I was unable to produce enough breast milk to nourish my son due to stress and sleep deprivation. As you can imagine, this affected other aspects of my life. Since early parenthood was very tough on my husband and me, I wanted to help other families who were seeking guidance.

While my son was an infant, I read various popular books on sleep and enrolled in multiple certification classes. My goal is to help parents like you gain confidence so you can enjoy your lovely baby. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to assist parents of multiples as well. I love what I do very much, and I continue to learn more and more about the first stages of caring for a baby.


I received my education in speech and language disorders from CSU Long Beach. I continued to finish my bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I've completed my certification in:

• Certified Newborn Care Specialist
• Happiest Baby on the Block Educator
• Certified in Infant Massage
• Baby Planner • Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant • Lactation Educator
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Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your child.